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Alongside its fun and billowy yet sophisticated aesthetic, the design of the Mallow series prioritizes comfort and indulgence. We spoke to the designers of Mallow, Note Design Studio, about their ambitions with the series and why the world needs Mallow.

What was your ambition with Mallow?
Our aim with Mallow was to create a lounge chair that invites you to sit in many different positions. You can even sit comfortably leaning against the armrest with your knees draped over the other armrest. This position is ideal for reading or sketching, and is therefore the most popular in our studio.

For the expression, we wanted the pieces to be playful, expressive and have a distinctive silhouette.

Can you describe the design and development process, and what made it special?
We had a very transparent design process, where the team at Labofa was involved from the very first sketches on the wall. By sharing our ideas so early, the design became our joint vision and I think that’s why we arrived at such a bold design.

In what way is your Note Design Studio DNA present in the design?
One of Note’s strengths is our multidisciplinarity, which we take advantage of by having different people with different skills to broaden the perspective on all projects. When it comes to common aesthetic features, we lean towards an expressive simplicity, meaning that we work with big brush strokes that create a distinctive shape that rarely had superfluous details.

The Mallow series is also distinctive, with a lot of character and expression.

How does the Mallow series tap into our ever-evolving and high-speed lives?
One of the few positive things that came with the pandemic was that the world slowed down and wellness and health was prioritized over productivity and speed.

So I would rather say that the Mallow series is a place to wind down and get into a comfortable and creative flow.

Hang your legs over the armrest and enjoy a good book and a glass of wine.

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